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Referral program for Shop-Script Bonuses for attracted buyers and friends

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Product description

Referral affiliate program is an effective tool for the promotion of online stores. The essence of the referral program is to attract partners who disseminate information about your site on the Internet and social networks and receive bonus accruals for this. Partners can spend earned bonuses on purchases in your online store or, if the policy of your company allows it, to receive accumulated bonuses on your bank account or in cash. By publishing links to your online store on different sites, your partners help you increase the link base of the site, which promotes search engines, bring new visitors to your online store and ultimately help you increase sales.

Any buyer of your online store and any user who has registered on your site can become a member of the referral program: in the “Affiliate program” section of your account’s personal account, each partner accepts the conditions of the referral program and receives an individual promotional link of the formyourdomain.ru/?promo_id=199251begins to lead customers through this link and receive bonuses for their paid orders.

Features of the “Referral program” plugin for Shop-Script:

  • Instantly launch a referral program in your Shop-Script-based online store. It does not require registration on third-party sites. All management of referral charges and payments is made in the backend of your online store.
  • Any registered user or buyer of your store can directly become a referral partner directly on your site in the Affiliate Program section of your personal account.
  • Partner promo links are formed by simply adding the parameter? Promo_id =partner_code to the addressany pages of your online store, which allows partners to receive promotional links not only to the main page of the online store, but also to pages of certain products, categories, lists, product search results, etc.
  • In your personal account, partners can monitor the conversion, sales and clicks on promotional links, depending on the sources of visitors (sites from which attracted customers come).
  • Going through the promo link is accompanied by a 301 redirect (redirection) that “swallows” the promo_id parameter. This allows you to correctly distribute the link weight (Page Rank) on the pages of the online store.
  • Promotional links can be published on any sites, forums, blogs, social networks. When published on social networks, a short text and an image for a preview (post, tweet) are formed according to the contents of the main page, which is indicated by a promotional link (to which a 301 redirect will be made).
  • A single account for the referral program and bonus accruals for your orders (bonus points are added up). The ability to use the accumulated bonuses to receive discounts on purchases in your online store.
  • The implementation is based on an affiliate cookie, which is set when you click on the promo link. Cookie lifetime is configurable (30 days by default). If, before the cookie expires, the buyer clicks on the referral link of another partner, then subsequent purchases by this buyer will be counted as attracted by this other partner.
  • The plugin automatically makes the referral program work for all the windows of your online store. A referral cookie is placed on the current primary domain.
  • The ability to register payments of accumulated bonus points in the profile of a partner (if the policy of your company implies the possibility of paying out accumulated bonuses). Payments can be made by any means at your discretion and are made outside the plugin interface. Shop-Script and the “Referral program” plugin provide only a tool for accounting payments and accruals.
  • The highlighted section of the “Referrals” backend with a list of all users who have registered in the referral program.
  • Automatic email notifications to partners about new bonus accruals.
  • Registration of partners only upon acceptance of the conditions of the referral program (the text of the agreement is edited in the plugin settings).

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