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Bulk Messaging

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Product description

Email marketing is easy

The Newsletters app delivers emails to your subscribers quickly and reliably.

one. Compose text

Визуальный редактор текста сообщения

A visual text editor will save you time, it’s easy to upload images, add text to your design and add links to your site. For professional typesetting of letters, switch to HTML mode.

2. Select recipients

Выбор получателей почтовой рассылки

In the "Newsletters" it is convenient to select recipients according to various criteria:

  • subscribers from your site;
  • language: if the language is specified in the contact properties, it is easy to send a message immediately to everyone who speaks the same language;
  • contact categories: sort recipients into categories to send different messages to certain categories (the number of created categories is not limited);
  • shoppers online store.

If any recipients are not in any of these lists, add their addresses in an additional text field - they will be saved in the database for future mailings.

To use additional features when choosing recipients, install the application “CRM". This will allow you to pre-create any number of different customer lists that will be available for selection in the "Newsletters" as recipients.

In addition, this plugin allows you to create dynamic recipient lists using advanced search. For example, specify the following conditions:

You will automatically generate a list of all Muscovites who placed at least one order in your store this year. Such a selection is convenient if you want, for example, to make a special offer at a discount for your customers on the day of the city.

Such target lists of recipients can be formed during the preparation of the letter, without leaving the application "Newsletters". At the same time, you can simultaneously set several search criteria for one mailing at once, as a result a single list of recipients will be formed - you can be sure that two identical letters will not be sent to one client.

3. Send message

Настройка параметров отправки сообщения

  1. Enter the sender address
  2. Set the sending speed
  3. Turn on Google Analytics support for site conversion analysis
  4. Test sending a message
  5. Click on the “Submit” button!

Enjoy the process!

Скрипт массовой рассылки сообщений в действии

Valid lists of real recipients

When compiling a list of recipients, the application automatically deletes duplicate addresses and addresses to which previous mailings could not be sent - for example, nonexistent or mistakenly typed email addresses.

Elimination of unnecessary and non-existent addresses helps to avoid getting your server into the "black lists" of mail services.

Visual statistics

The statistics of sending and reading messages are displayed in real time during the process of mailing - the visual schedule is updated without reloading the page.

It is easy to evaluate the remaining time and effectiveness of the mailing using the indicator of the process of sending and dividing recipients by status (read, not delivered, not sent due to a critical delivery error in previous mailings, etc.).

Reliable newsletter management

The mailing execution script can be stopped at any time using the “Pause” button to continue sending later, at a more suitable time.

If a long distribution is interrupted due to restrictions on the server of the hosting provider, the application will restart the process and continue sending by itself - just do not close the application in the browser until the end of the distribution or configure the scheduler tasks (cron) using the detailed instructions.

Loyalty to email services

If there are many users of popular email services among your recipients (Mail.ru, Yandex.Mail, Gmail, etc.), limit the sending speed so that your mailing does not look like spam, which is often sent in large quantities over a short period of time.

Dynamics of reading, unsubscribing and delivery errors

Control the result of the newsletter in real time. Sending statistics will show those who have already read your message, who have unsubscribed from future mailings and those who could not receive your letter and why: for example, the mailbox is full or the address no longer exists.

Graphs allow you to evaluate the delivery time and duration of subsequent activity. In different cases, such activity can last from several hours to several weeks. For example, if you send a message on the night of Friday to Saturday, then most likely you will see low customer activity until Monday morning. A message sent on Tuesday morning is likely to be read the same day.

You will see different dynamics of the reaction to the newsletters depending on the type of audience: its age, professional orientation, geo-location and other factors, as well as depending on the topic and time of writing. This is invaluable material for planning your subsequent mailings, as well as for studying the portrait of your customers and developing a marketing strategy in general.

Delayed Newsletters

It is very convenient to schedule several mailings at once. To do this, you just need to specify the date and time of sending - the Newsletter application will do its work at the appointed time, and you just have to analyze the results of the mailings and evaluate their effectiveness.

Subscription Forms and Subscriber Lists

The most loyal subscribers are those who independently subscribe to receive your newsletters. This means that they are likely to read your letters, and not delete them immediately or send them to spam.

"Newsletters" allow you to create various forms of subscription to place them on sites, blogs and other web resources. The subscription form can be the simplest and contain a single field for indicating the email address:

or more complex - with a name, a captcha input field and additional options:

Each form can add subscribers to the lists you create, for example:

  • news,
  • notifications of the beginning of the action,
  • software product update,
  • interesting articles, etc.

Associate your subscription forms with such lists, and you will gradually gather subscribers to newsletters of certain topics. You just have to compose messages and send them to the finished recipient lists.

Unsubscribe from newsletters and manage subscriptions in your account

Remember: the client is loyal to your newsletters, while he himself wants to receive your messages. In order to permanently maintain customer loyalty to your company, give him the opportunity at any time to quickly and easily unsubscribe from your mailings from any of your messages.

The unsubscribe link without any authorization will lead the client to his personal account on your site. There, he immediately gets to the "My Subscriptions" page, where he can unsubscribe or re-subscribe to any of your newsletters

In the “Site” application, you can always change the appearance of your personal account and bring it into line with the style of your site.

Message personalization

The message editor supports variables for the dynamic formation of the text of the mailing list - each recipient will receive an individual letter from you.

Don't want your message to be considered spam? Add the unsubscribe link to the text of the letter - with just one click!

Integration with Webasyst Applications

Newsletters can use data from other applications to select a list of recipients:

  • Shop-Script Online Store Buyers
  • Contacts Customers, employees and other contacts
  • Blog Blog Comment Authors
  • Site Registered Site Visitors

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