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Support. Support Fast and convenient work with customer requests

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Product description

Step-by-step processing of requests from clients in several threads

The Support application will allow you and your customers to always know exactly when and in what condition each application is

Your customers will surely ask you questions. For example, "how much does it cost ...", "is it in stock ...", "when will it be delivered ...", "how it works ...". In addition, you also receive reviews, complaints, complaints, suggestions. And sometimes there are more complex requests: requests for repairs, offers of cooperation, applications for participation in the event, etc.

And not only clients write. Published a vacancy - job candidates write. Organized a contest - write applicants for the award. A tender has been announced - potential suppliers are writing.

There is a more efficient way to work with incoming messages than to process each of them manually! The Support application will receive all requests and put them in the queue. Each request will be assigned to the right artist. Each response to the client will be competently designed in a standard style.

How customer requests look in Support

All requests fall into a single list. But such a general list is not always convenient, because it displays both newly received requests and already processed ones; and questions about payment, and requests for repairs. "Support" allows you to create convenient filters for viewing different types of requests in separate lists. These lists may be available to all or only certain users who have configured them for themselves personally.

On the request viewing page, its entire history is displayed in detail. Sometimes it can be very long, because the client can repeatedly ask additional questions after receiving your answers.

The life and fate of the request, or what is your business process

You have received a new request. What to do with him? You may have several options for further actions, depending on what kind of business you are engaged in, how you build your relations with clients, and, finally, what this particular request is.

For example, if you deal mainly with technical requests of clients about software (how to install, how to configure, whether there is a necessary function, whether it is planned to implement such and such an opportunity, etc.), your business process of working with requests may consist of the following steps:

  • new request received
  • if the request has the nature of pre-sale consultation, then give an answer immediately
  • if the request is technically complicated and requires the attention of specialists, then you will forward it to the technical department; after receiving a consultation, you answer the client

And maybe even easier! For example, if you collect wishes (criticism and comments) using the form on your website, the process of processing such messages will look something like this:

As processing progresses, requests can go into various states that you can add and customize to suit your business process.

Query Action Buttons

For each state, you can configure as many actions as you like. An action is something that can be done with a request, for example: reply to a client, add a comment, forward to a specialist, close without an answer, delete.

When configuring each action, you can determine the fields that need to be processed when it is performed - from the simplest filling in a text field to selecting the desired value from a given list. Using these lists, you can, for example, set the type of request (technical, financial, pre-sale). Additional fields allow you to specify any arbitrary parameters; all this data is stored in the history of the work on the request. Additional field values are also available when performing advanced query searches.

Email setup

In the settings for each action, you can configure the email templates that will be sent during the execution of this action. Here you choose for whom these messages are intended: for the client, the designated user, the leader who controls such actions ... The message text, its appearance, the substitution of individual data about the client and his request - all this is flexibly configured. Set up the template only once, and all the necessary, standardly designed notifications will always be sent to all specified recipients.

Working on queries as a team

"Support" is designed for multi-user work. All support service employees can perform the same duties or can be divided into groups, each of which is responsible for its own site (for example, some employees process initial messages from clients, while others analyze more complex, non-trivial cases). For this, there are special tools in Support that allow you to conveniently configure group work on different types of requests.

User Assignment. When performing any action, the request can be assigned to any user. The assignment requires that only the user to whom the request is assigned perform further actions on this request. Each time you can appoint a user yourself when performing an action, or the assignment will happen automatically, imperceptibly for you - it depends on the settings of a specific action.

The purpose of the group. If your support service operators work, for example, in shifts, it does not really matter which of them processes the next request. You can assign a request immediately to the entire group, and the currently working employee in this group will see it in the list of “their” requests and send a response to the client or perform other necessary actions.

Access rights. For each user or group of users, you can specify which request states are available to him and what actions he has the right to perform requests. For example, an accountant does not have to see requests in the “repair” state (if requests to repair equipment go into this state), but it is important for her to see requests in the “waiting for payment” state, for which she will be able to perform the “Received payment” action.

We respond to customers

In most cases, requests need answers. An exception may be except that messages from answering machines configured in the mailboxes of your clients - such automatic replies can be completely deleted.

Your answer can be sent to the client in a reply email message, or available only in his personal account. To do this, you need to configure the message template in the “Reply” action differently. In the first case, add to the template a variable containing the text entered during the action. In the second case, in the notification of the answer there will be enough a link to your personal account, which is also easy to insert using a variable.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Quite often, customers ask the same questions. To quickly answer customers the same questions, create a list of template answers.

Any of these pre-prepared templates is easy to use in the text of your answer with one button in the message editor: just select the one you need and its contents will be inserted immediately. You just have to click on the “Reply” button!

Answers to frequently asked questions can be used not only in the "Support" itself. Make them available for display on your website so that customers can find answers to their questions on their own. This will help you reduce the number of repetitive questions and allow your specialists to focus on requests that require a thorough answer.

Personal account for your customers

Many sites have a link with the inscription "Login for customers", which is usually placed in the upper right corner of the site:

This is an entrance to your personal account, your own client space on your site. In your personal account, as a rule, there are sections “My profile”, “My subscriptions”, “My orders”. It is also possible to add the “My Inquiries” section, where customers will see the entire history of communication with your support team.

Many convenient features.

  • setting up multiple parallel threads for separate processing of requests from different sites
  • spam protection
  • automatic email receipt of request registration
  • Three convenient viewing modes in query lists
  • customer response quick assessment function to monitor the quality of support service
  • display unread requests in a separate list
  • “Follow” function to control any actions with individual selected requests.
  • left panel settings: add / remove filters, drag up / down, “MY FILTERS” section
  • setting up the design of the frequently asked questions section for publication on the site
  • publishing your own information pages in the "Support" section of your site

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