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Product description

The Files application is a cloud-based storage of company files. The application allows you to download and store all company documents in a single place, flexibly configure file access for employees.

Unlike popular cloud storages, the Files application is designed for team use, not personal, and therefore allows you to automatically assign the necessary file permissions depending on the folder (storage) into which you upload files.

Key features of the Files application:

  • Reliable file sharing cloud storage
  • User-friendly interface, intuitive file management
  • Flexible setting of access rights to folders and files
  • Personal folders for storing personal files inaccessible to other users
  • Search and file list filters
  • Highlight files and folders with color tags
  • File Discussion (Comments)
  • Personal favorites list
  • Email files directly from the application
  • Links to files and folders for guest access without authorization (on your site)
  • Synchronizing files with external resources - using plugins "Dropbox"And"Webdav server"

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