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K2 training platform Platform for online learning.

Platform for online learning.

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Product description

K2distance learning system allowsto train and test students from all over the world from a distance, without leaving home or office.

K2education system,universal and flexible system that meets all the basic requirements necessary for the successful implementation of distance learning courses.

K2distance learning system has many useful functions: from file storage toemail- notices.

The main difference from other systems is the functionality, which is more focused on practical work. K2 training system, of course, allows you to publish training materials, but most of the system is designed for all kinds of testing and assessment of knowledge

The system allows e-learning coordinators to easily and easily download courses, as well as send invitations for participants to their email addresses.

The system provides for the loading of images, videos, presentations, audio files, as well as text format files.

A flexible user management tool that allows you to register them both manually and automatically, invite byemail newsletter. Function is also available.self-registration - the user goes to the site, and after registration and payment passes the desired course. You can also group users into groups, create unique roles and configure rights for them. Roles determine access to content in the system.

The system is divided into two parts, the public and admin parts. In the public part, users can register, as well as view news, etc. The admin part is available both in the system as a whole and in individual lessons or by users.

Available features:

- A user base with the ability to search and filter.

- User’s personal account - for each of the participants. Upon entering it, the assigned materials and other information are immediately visible

—Reports for course organizers.

- The ability to edit training materials can be processed directly in the system.

- Communication between users - usingwebinars, and other tools.

- Distribution of rights and roles in the system. - Ability to comment on the material passed.

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