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K2 CMS CMS - content management system. Using CMS, users can change information on the site without programming.

CMS - content management system. Using CMS, users can change information on the site without programming.

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There is no difference whether you are a beginner, you who do not know anything about building sites, or an experienced professional, thanks to the flexibility and simplicity of the CMS Corporation 2, you can easily create a website. CMS Corporation 2 is designed to create, edit, organize, and manage your website.

CMS Corporation 2 allows you to create sites of any complexity, from a personal blog to full online stores with the ability to make online purchases.


 - convenient admin panel with a wide range of functions;

 - multilingualism;

 - ease of monitoring the contents of title and meta tags;

 - management of access rights for users and visitors;

 - high level of security;

 - there are no special hosting requirements;

 - ease of use;

 - Simple installation process.

CMS Corporation 2 allows you to manage the access rights of site visitors by hiding or displaying sections depending on whether the user is registered on the site or not.

Accessibility and ease of controlling the contents of the title and meta tags will have a beneficial effect on the results of website promotion in search engines.

CMS  Corporation 2 allows you to create:

forum or blog;

online store;

personal page;

Corporate website.

One of the main and important advantages of CMS Corporation 2 is multilingualism, which is available directly from the "box", i.e. no need to pay money for additional languages or install any modules.

BenefitsCMS  Corporation 2:

CMS is more stable and less vulnerable;

adapted to the needs of the project;

less load server, because not overloaded with unnecessary features.

Convenient and simple interface, support for popular languages, flexibility of settings makes the CMS Corporation 2 system an indispensable tool for creating a site.

CMS may be the best option if you need an easily administered website. Using this system provides wide, but at the same time simple functionality. The CMS system Corporation 2 is updated automatically, and you can update both the system as a whole and its individual element .. Thus, you will constantly use the latest software and not wait for long releases

Price: €583.34


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