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Webasyst CRM is a convenient tool for managing your customer base and sales. Its functions allow you to see the company's customer base in different planes, control the outflow of customers and monitor the growth in the number of new customers, applications and sales.

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Product description

Differentiation of access rights

Set up individual access profiles for individual employees, group employees into groups and create different security classes for access to contacts and deals.

Convenient work with contacts

All information related to the contact is stored in a convenient and accessible form. Contacts are easy to group into segments - manually assembled or filtered according to various criteria, for example: read the latest newsletter, did not order 2 months. Segments are used to perform quick group actions with contacts and to view reports.

For contacts, you can create reminders to promptly offer a second purchase or simply remind the client about themselves and their services.

Effective deal management

The stages of transactions and the statuses of tasks associated with them are displayed in a convenient and visual form. It is easy to control the implementation of planned activities. For convenience, information on transactions can be shown in the form of a table or a kanban board of your choice.

Shop-Script Integration

An order in Shop-Script can form a deal in Webasyst CRM. The transaction is created in the corresponding sales funnel with reference to an existing or newly created contact. You can distribute transactions among managers and set up the necessary steps for processing a transaction. And after the transaction is completed, create reminders with reference to a specific contact in order to plan further interaction with the client.

Integration is supported since version Shop-Script 7.2.4.

Sales funnels

In Webasyst CRM, you will set up any number of sales funnels with various stages of the transaction, just as the process of working in your company requires.

Timeline for all actions

All actions that are saved in Webasyst CRM are displayed in a single event tape with a time reference - timeline. It is easy to view the list of events for an individual client or for a selected transaction.

IP Telephony Integration

At the time of a phone call, you will see the latest information about the client on the computer screen. All call history is stored in CRM. Connect to the Telfin IP-telephony service using the free plug-in and listen to recorded conversations at any time.

Automation of work with accounts

Send links to invoices to your customers with one click. To do this, use one of the built-in templates, adjusting its appearance. Using plugins, connect various online payment systems so that customers can make payments directly from the account page.

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