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CRM PROF for Ukraine, a client license for 10 working hours Add to comparison table

Product ID: k2soft-228
CRM PROF for Ukraine, a client license for 10 working hours CRM PROF for Ukraine, a client license for 10 working hours

CRM PROF for Ukraine, a client license for 10 working hours

  • Количество рабочих мест
  • Операционная система
    Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7
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Product description


  • Office of the base
  • Manage contacts with keys
  • Planuvannya i control diy
  • Managing business processes with robots with keys
  • Sales Management. Vedennya Bazi Znan z sale, goods, competitors, services
  • Integration with financial and regional programs of permissions є one-way informational space with robots with keys
  • Marketing Management
  • Questionnaire - zbіr information about buyers, comrades, competitors, regions
  • Telemarketing - the security of the mass obvzvonyuvannya klіntiv at the task of the scenario rozmovi
  • Management of servicing and guarantee servicing
  • Sales analysis, I will become a robot with the keys, the result of the availability of the test, the database
  • Relaxation of the weekend of routine operations, integration with electronic mail, preparation of sounds

Functional Relocation

Viddil sale

Sales Manager:

  • Fix the leather thread for the client and plan for the next date and hour, with the false rituals about the May Day celebration;
  • Download: reference list і zavdan; a list of the previous references and the necessary - the need to read the stitch of the future perspective of the robot on Maybutn;
  • At the time of sale of complex products (for example, design for B2B market, or at least possession) of goods and services; Thus, the process of selling is becoming more optimal and that it’s possible for the young specialist to sell;
  • Download relevant information on payments. For the necessary fiksuyut the fact of due payment in the entire CRM-system;
  • Victory base knowledge. U niy fіksuєts neobkhіdna іnformatsіya for sale - a description of the product, part nourishment on the side of the klіnta і naybіlsh otnі і correct v_dpovіdі;
  • Realization of electronic rozsilan for the entire base of customers anyway for specific lists, like may singing criterion;
  • Druk stickers for envelopes (for example, for direct postal rasilannya) with vibranim data about the counterparty;
  • Instrument for telemarketing - allow you to send a list of quiet people who need to call back, send a template, send and receive a questionnaire, and receive results. Nadal zvіtah analizuvati tsі results.

Керівник відділу sale:

  • To revel in the main picture of sales for whole business;
  • Vikoristovє has accumulated a database of statistics and statistics for her to analyze the effectiveness of business processes;
  • Analizuє klіnts'ku base s іstorії vzєєmin with klіntami: please, sumi, books;
  • Special call “Analysis of managerial effectiveness” to create at one table all indicators of the robot. Such information can be vikoristovuvatis with a method to accept the decision about the bonus bonus and the so-called;
  • Managing incidents in the CRM system - claiming claims, the beast of satisfaction, but the lack of satisfaction of living. There is a function that allows you to enter one of the points for denying certification certificates.

Service_vid_l / video_trims

  • To download history in time and to read information about those who have the right to ptimkim, with such fingers to thinly brow.

Viddil marketing

  • Majlivlst analizuvati: a precision mill sales and rinok zagalom;
  • Robot visnovki about the effectiveness of any other product / service - there are a lot in the product portfolio and sales and sales, delivery of new types of goods / services;
  • Powerfulness of plans - come in - fxsuvati terms, timelines come in, circulation come (for example, interest, interest, begging, sales, sales), month, hour is thin;
  • The analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns - the number of real beasts and the amount of sales, is ripped off for the junk of that Chi jerel.

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