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Accountancy 8 for Ukraine Add to comparison table

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Accountancy 8 for Ukraine Accountancy 8 for Ukraine

Accountancy 8 for Ukraine

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Product description

"Accountancy for Ukraine" for all legislative legislations of Ukraine on accounting and other areas. In addition, the number of contracts is subject to agreements, the area of exchange for currencies, the area of foreign exchange, the area of blank forms of the current region, the conduct of retail sales and viral business.

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  • Vedennya accounting and patronage region decіlkoh organization in one database іnformatsіynіy base
  • Vedennya oblіku for organizations, scho vikoristovuy іznі rіznі systems opodatkuvannya (The surcharge on the side і PDV, Є a single surcharge)
  • Oblіk bankіvskih i kasovih operations
  • Oblіk komіsіynoї tradeіvlі that trading operations
  • Kadroviy region
  • Obligatory Pay
  • Region of operations with taro
  • Oblіk materіno-virobnichih reserves
  • Warehouse Region
  • Oblіk napіvfabrikatіv
  • Oblik OS, MNMA, NMA і IBP
  • Oblіk vzaєmorozrakhunkіv with counterparties
  • Oblіk decіlkoh organization in one base, as well as with different systems of underflooding (surcharge for a surcharge і PDV, Є a single surcharge)
  • Zakrittya perіodіv, regulated by sound

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Rents for car companies and financial loans:

  • The clear region of all the main concerns, which can be found on the balance sheet of the company and the operating procedure of the OS, is regulated by law: the area of the maintenance of new OSs, the introduction of operation, the repair, the repair of the operation, the repair, transmission and repair transmission transfer and OS sale and the like
  • Analysis of surplus in warehouses, inspection of freezing expenses for customers and post-graduate students.
  • A transition from a simplified to a new region is possible at any time without the need for conversion.
  • It is possible to lead farewells and a new personnel region, a payroll.
  • Rozshirenі mozhlivostі obl_ku working hours.
  • Zruchne operatively formvannya zvіtіv for kerіvnik_v.
  • The best sounds for the administrator: the activity of the corridors, the analysis of the activity of the corridors, the control of the journal of registration, the robots of regulation regulation.

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