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Бітрікс24 The "Challenge+" (Hmara) Add to comparison table

Product ID: k2soft-274
Бітрікс24 The "Challenge+" (Hmara)  Бітрікс24 (Khmara) - TSE NaBr z n yati Valevich I Fig nstruments, that doomgate to a b_znes pracovat: CRM, the Challenge I design, Contact center, City shop and that, OFC. Бітрікс24 the "Challenge+" more optimal rsena to work on proctime, control termnl , quality

Бітрікс24 (Khmara) - TSE NaBr z n yati Valevich I Fig nstruments, that doomgate to a b_znes pracovat: CRM, the Challenge I design, Contact center, City shop and that, OFC. Бітрікс24 the "Challenge+" more optimal rsena to work on proctime, control termnl , quality

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Product description


The instrument is an additional tool to the curious of vibuduvati in his collective effective robot.

Business hours, hours and hours, corporate chat, zagalny disk, manual calendar, regular attendance, automation of business processes, company structure is fully operational.

Neobmezhena kіlkіst koristuvachіv

  • ЄDiniy prostіr for spіlkuvannya all іїї company
  • Zruchne planuvannya special escort and those with trousers
  • All documents are documented at Bitrix24.
  • Mittєviy poshuk р informational information

The task and design

At Bіtrіks24, it’s a prerogative to put ankle on colegs, so and so on. Зміна відповідальних, Зміна термінів fіksuyutsya іstorіі zavdannya. Do not forget the helpers, but if you have broken terminology kerivnik vіdraza otrimaє povіdomlennya about tse.
Success close by entering the indicator of the effectiveness of the practitioner. I repeat the automation will be automated.

  •  It’s easy to put a blow on it! Just do not forget the price :)
  • Bіtrіks24 nagadaє and help Viconati zavdannya termin.
  • Choose the be-yak technique: list,
    My Plan, Kanban, Gantt Diagram
  • Rozpod_l on a role help more beautifully to plan a robot.

Just put the commotion!

It’s easy and fast, in one class, you’ll get the order of sob_dleglim.
About the new Beatrix24 launcher, chat with, chat about the termini.


CRM - a system for managing sales and communications with customers. Zhodne vernalniya klіnta not to be missed indefinitely. CRM itself leads the client in Vorontsi: through cold contact before successful operation.

CRM marketing is supported by robust and distinctive segments, repeat sales and earn new purchases.

  • All dzvinki, sheets, chat rooms with clients on the website in social networks are visited in CRM
  • CRM itself leads the client in Vorontsi: see cold contact before successful operation
  • Robots for managing customer lists, sms and automated sales
  • CRM marketing of an additional assistance є Set up the first and second sales

Simple CRM

You need to fill in the drinks in the sample, at the same stage and do it in Denmark.
Victorize the kanban (doshka) in order that you can bachichi all rukhi for operations.

Contact center

Connect all the channels to the phone: Phone, Facebook, e-mail, your site up to Bit24. When you distribute the whole amount of beast between yourself and yourself in the Contact Center, and the client is to be sold there, deviously.

Contacts, all lists and records of rozmov with klіntami to be saved in CRM.

  • Your Facebook, Instagram, Viber on / off to Bitrix24
  • Contacts і all correspondence with customers ’zberіgaєsya CRM
  • Zhodnogo potentiіnogo klієnta not be spent!
  • Vi vidpovіdaєte klіntam shvidko і there, de ім manually

Sites and shops

The overload of the website designer and the store Bitrix24 is not negligible; however, the goal is the same CRM. The customer’s contacts to the store and the website, so that they’ve turned up to you through the CRM form, contactless chat, but hitting the ringtone, immediately use CRM.

Turn on Google.Analytics to the site in one click and remove the statistics on video.

Spetsialni provocatively tariffs

Business tariffs



The challenge+



City the CRM vdali ear of your to a b_znes

Dealine for small vdlv prodaju

More optimal rsena to work on proctime, control termnl , quality

Best choice for automatizaci prodaju in CRM I prochno of work

Maximalen features for us compan




Twenty four



Price (1 misyats)*

369 UAH

1200 UAH

1200 UAH

2200 UAH

4400 UAH

The meeting place at the "HMAR"

10 GB

50 GB

50 GB

100 GB



The challenge I practi

Is, connects this event with his robot

City I lending


Contact Center



Naccrra Analytics

Center prodaju


no; - Bazoviy NBR of mozhlivosti; - rozsireni; - profesini

Price: €30

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