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Product ID: k2soft-239
BAS Rozdrіbna bargaining BAS Rozdrіbna bargaining

BAS Rozdrіbna bargaining

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Product description

Program Product "BAS Rozdrіbna bargaining"designations for the automation of business processes of retail outlets (stores), as well as for yourself, so be sure to enter at the base of retail stores as much as possible. The program allows you to automate the area of commodity stocks in stores and in the following stores the brilliance of the working mess of Kasir.

Configuring "BAS Retail sales" to store and manage operations with goods in various retail groups, stores, warehouses, organizations, and goods, we will allow you to take advantage of the necessary goods.

Naichastishe applied solution "BAS Rozdrіbna torgіvlya" vikoristovuyut completely with the latest programs for complex tasks.

Features of the interface

Applied Rishennya is scattered on the current interface "Taxi". Main characteristics of the Taxi interface:

  • great font;
  • working robots;
  • a new navigation system: toolbar, toolbar, menu bar, menu;
  • access to the povnovekstovogo joke, vibranom, the menu of functions and the history of the future;
  • Zruchny poshuk in the lists, control poshuk;
  • the power of dodati in vibran is yak ob'kti (documents, elements dowidnik tin.), so i command.

Region rukh goods

Configuratsiya "BAS Rozdrіbna torgovlya" pіdtrimuє oblіk such operations with goods:

  • zamovlennya postochalka;
  • Zamovlennya on movement;
  • nadhodzhennya vid postochalka;
  • realizatsiya in distribution and other wholesale;
  • moving goods in stores;
  • moving between warehouses of one store;
  • inventory taking;
  • Attribute
  • Chargeback
  • transfer between organizations.

Realization of automatic distribution of goods, we must have gone to the store on the basis of Viconanich Nalashtuvan.

The area of trading operations in "BAS Rozdrіbna torgіvlya" is conducted only in hryvnias.

For organizations, you can choose a different system for additional payments: a surcharge for a ride, a surcharge for a ride and MPD, a single tax, a single tax and a PDV.

Sales analysis and release to the post-oracle

Analysis of sales at the same time as the value of the retail prices. Warehouse region of commodity surplus is maintained as in the commodity position, so in the product characteristics. Based on a sales analysis and a surplus surplus of goods to the store and koristuvach, you can make changes to the shipper, plan the date of the goods and payment for delivery.

Control over supplies to the hanger

Inventory of goods in the program "BAS Rozdrіbna torgіvlya" is made out manually on the basis of the invoice for the postochnik, but on the basis of the replacement of the postochnik. In the rest of the coristuvachev’s hitch, you need to hear about the postal bedder’s retention;

Significant rose prices

The program "BAS Razdrіbna torgіvlіva" has a clear view of how to manage retail prices in a trading measure. The Central Office of Merchandise can establish a wide range of prices for the whole of merchandise as a whole, for a group of shops as well as a leather store for okremo. On the okremі group of the nomenclature of gifts, you can also appear as the store manager.

With the introduction of information about the availability of goods for the corridor, you can control the price of the goods and purchase the goods and receive the information about the designation of the new price list. The system is required to provide the best service for the purchase of prices and the prices for the purchase price.

There has been implemented a report on the distribution of prices, if there is any possibility of recognition in the office of new prices for all parts of the list at any time technologically speaking.

In the program "BAS Rozdrіbna torgіvlya" price tags and labels can be formatted and marked as a document of price approval, so this is a special interface.

Sales in rozdrіb

Configurable "BAS Retail sales" on the part of introductory user interface for working cash register (RMK) for registration of sales. Interface RMK adaptations for victoria on displays small rozmіru and for robots with a programmed keyboard. The interface of the RMK permits to adjust the number of cash registers and to confer. Configuring permission to cashier to registrate sales of goods to other organizations and other checks to fiscal registries, as well as official organizations.

Pay attention to the region of different types of payment: payment by credit card, bank card, bank loan and certificate certificates. There is a wider range of grocery bags available: a system for allowing you to save money, entered in cash register for cash registers for payment, and for frequent cash registers for cash registers. Pay attention to grocery bills to the bank with a transaction store.

Managing books

"BAS Retail sales" is necessary to control the ability to control books with established distribution prices in deposits of different minds and situations:

  • Kіlkostі goods in check;
  • Sumi check;
  • Hour of purchase;
  • Type of discount card purchases;
  • Special Danish purchases;
  • Vidotka vid sumi of a commodity row;
  • Gift when buying a set of goods ("buy-wipe").

At the Configuratsiya "BAS Rozdrіbna Torgovlya", remember the bottom of the book of wine in the okremiy dovidnik. Allowing you to put a pressure on the one-time vicarious decile of different minds. Undertake the accumulated thresholds of the circuit, as if it were locked, so without changing the discount cards for buying when crossing the threshold, the region of gift-certified certificates. Lows are automatically checked out anyhow for the command of a koristuvach.

Restructuring of the goods at the retail analyzer of the state operation

BAS Rozdrіbna Torgіlva allows you to conduct an analysis of any warehouse operations. Registration can be done by the buyer, deducted goods may be carried out due to the reasons specified in the execution of the transaction. Sounds for state-owned operations over Koristuvachev’s detailed information on rozmіri and reasons for losses during trading operations.

Personnel Management Store

The program "BAS Розрібнаorgівії" has the right to plan and restore the actual working hours of the store, as well as the clearance of the sales to the assigned seller, which will service the buyer. Allow me to control the practice and to secure the system of motivation of sellers.

Analysis of consumer goods

The program "BAS Rozdrіbna Torgіvlya" is formed by the analysis of the sound with the highest level of grouping and detailed decoding for all types of operations. Presented absolute value indicators for the period, average value, dynamics indicators at the hour and average indicators of the effectiveness of trade operations. Particular respect has been given to the analysis of sales, as in the distribution of commodity groups, so the group of purchasers, evaluations of effectiveness of stagnant books, and sales.

Trading robots

BAS Rozdrіbna Torgіlva allows permission to act with fiscal registrars, who are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations before the legislation. Please be sure to check out the templates for friend checks on connected printers.

You may be able to accept payment for bank cards using additional acquiring terminal.

The robot is designed to have more forms of ownership, as well as to win in the retail trading: displays with purchases, readouts of magnetic cards, and also can be used to read technology with a barcode, which allows you to enter a bar code bar.

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