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BAS Complex management of industrial property Add to comparison table

Product ID: k2soft-241
BAS Complex management of industrial property BAS Complex management of industrial property

BAS Complex management of industrial property

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    Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7
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Product description

Automated product for off-the-shelf trading and virology trading:


  • Planning and the region of rukhu bezhot_vkovih and goth_voshih groshihih koshtіv.
  • Oblіk kreditіv, depositіv і posik.
  • Acquiring (paid pictures).
  • Gnucci tools for maintaining a payable calendar.
  • Routes of the weather applications.
  • Inventory of that bank bank rachunk.
  • Analytical sounding rukh of groshih koshtіv.


  • I’m setting up my budget and my analysis is expanded.
  • Scenario model.
  • Pіdtrimka decіlkoh currencies.
  • Tabular form introduction and corriguvannya.
  • Economic forecast.
  • Analysis of planned targets.
  • Extensions financial analysis.


  • Pobudova Ієrarchіnі model і tsіley і tsіlovih indicators.
  • The doorstep of the riznih variant of indicators with the possibility of porvnyannya.
  • Monitoring of indexes with decryptions of future tributes.
  • Extensions analysis of financial results for straightforwardness.
  • Rіznomanіtty graphіchnyh forms of analitichnyh zvіtіv.


  • Nalashtuvannya rules v_obrazhennya gospodarsky operations for group financial region.
  • Obligk faktiv gospodarskoi dyalnostі vіdkladenim carried out with the control of the relevance of the image.
  • Operational control of the posting form for the document.
  • Automatically form the vihidny patronymic invoices and the additional ones before them from the nomenclature warehouse of documents vidvantazhennya.
  • Control over the correctness of the registration of the input tax documents with the accuracy up to the maximum income tax rate and the income tax payable.


  • Robot with personal data.
  • Oblіk rukhu frames and employment of staff organization, including the removal of unified social forms and internal analytical functions.
  • Organizing robots with regular staffing.
  • Robot with contracts.
  • Oblіk vіdpratsyovogo hour іz zastosuvannyam іznіh regional methods іv.
  • Pay rozrahunok payroll staff from the territory of the western systems of payment of the benefits: weather (including the tariff rate), premium and third-party payments.
  • Victory indicator of efficiency of organisation and non-inferiority of a specific specialist when razrahunka winery for prac.
  • Rozrahunok utriman iz zarozitnogo pay, including for the credentials.
  • Narakhuvannya іshshih incomes, not due to the payment of rights, and that income in the natural form.
  • Conducted freeze-in staff with ready-made and ready-to-use forms, management of stolen goods by inventory.
  • Analysis of insured salary payments for domestic domestic analitical payments.
  • Unprofessional unified forms.
  • The abundance of regulatory requirements is applicable to the payment fund.
  • The form of regulated regulation of pay and pay, as well as personalized.


  • Planning and securing the materials of the virology programs for the month.
  • Providing material security for the replacement of products.
  • Control and plan-fact analysis of vitrate materials.
  • The area of the bag-transfer and viral work-shop by the non-cash method and the non-cash method.


  • The region of actual vitamins of food business for types of activities in the necessary distribution in natural and mobile vimiry.
  • Operational resources of the unfinished business.
  • The area of actual surplus of unfinished work for the last period in necessary distribution.
  • Please help distribute the product for the production of products and services, for the production of products, for the direct operation of the product, for the sale of products.
  • Rosrahunok actual facto vipusku per period.
  • Rozrahunok vidokremlenno sobvartostі products, vipuscheno ї on zamovlennya klіnta.
  • Dandelion about the structure of self-service vipusku.


  • Managing effective sales processes and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales funnel.
  • The price list form with information about surplus goods.
  • Victoria regulation of sales processes, business processes of managing foldable sales.
  • Rozshirene governing the clauses, types and indivisual rules of sale, offer.
  • Self-service klіntiv.
  • Management of sales representatives.
  • Monitoring will be the process of sales.
  • Imovіrnіsna otsіnka sales forecast.
  • Rozdilniy region by partners (governing region) and counterparties (regional regulations).
  • Automatic control of the limit of bargaining.
  • Ри Inventory of freezing refrigerant.
  • Monitoring and classification of stitched stitching for a set of parameters.
  • The wide range of tools for formulating statistical and analytical ratings behind the camp for frost protection.


  • Promptly plan purchases on the first sales plan, plans for viral and unavailable purchases.
  • Registration for the schoolchildren and control of the Holy Week.
  • Registration and analysis of the conclusion of pre-dictum minds under contracts with fixed item nomenclature, obedience and supply lines.
  • Pridtrimka of the winter schemes of the acceptance of goods in the post-manager, in addition to the acceptance of the commission.
  • Making unavailable deliveries from warehouses of warehouse orders.
  • Analysis of the need for warehouse and distribution in goods, finished products and materials.
  • A comprehensive analysis and reinstatement of each other’s clauses by means of clauses and interchange with post-graduates.
  • The analysis is based on what, to some, you can bring unavoidable substitution by the post-sleeves (to the sight of such a clause, you can lead to the short delivery of goods or materials).
  • Planning purchases from the forecasted amount of stocks and reserves of inventories in warehouses.
  • Pidbіr optimal postalnikіv product for іх nadіynіstyu, іstorієu deliveries, criteria for the latest news of the weekend, preferences for the minds of delivery, territorial and most effective signs for them automatically.
  • Warehousing of graphs of deliveries and graphs of payments.


  • Foldable is the structure of the warehouse.
  • Managing an addressable warehouse.
  • Security and reservations will be required.
  • Visa insurance and insurance reserves.
  • The area of bagato-turnaround tariff.
  • Management of inventory goods.
  • Statistical analysis of reserves, results of ABC /XYZ analysis.
  • Rosrahunok predicted popita.
  • Goods in warehouses for lines of attachment.
  • Managing delivery.
  • Commodity calendar.

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