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BAS AGRO. ERP Rishennya "BAS AGRO. ERP" is designated for the automation of the management of the middle and great social and legal organizations. Increasing the automation of all the basic business processes in the appliance controls the automation, as well as the automation of the business processes and the production of the first and second products.

Rishennya "BAS AGRO. ERP" is designated for the automation of the management of the middle and great social and legal organizations. Increasing the automation of all the basic business processes in the appliance controls the automation, as well as the automation of the business processes and the production of the first and second products.

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Product description


The application "BAS AGRO. ERP" is divided into the flagship product BAS ERP and the full functionality of this product, as well as automation, I’ll go on to the galaxy specifics of the roslinnitsva:
Процес планування.png

Planvannya sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva.

  • Form of technological maps of water and structures of the area
  • Priv'yazka vidіv robіt across the field and the current to the singing technique and possession.
  • Plan for pay and pay in advance and pay in advance.
  • Visualization of planned consumption in material and technical and financial resources.
  • Planuvannya sum insured shock absorption.
  • Visnazhennya planned sums of Narajuvan on shares.
  • Formulation of the planned structure of vitrates by crops and fields.
  • Form of financial documents of the river plan: product balance sheet, demand for the PMM, material and technical requirements has been established.
  • Formulation of sales plans for products of Roslinnitsva.
  • Formulation of budgets on preliminary plans for roslinnitstvu.

Operational region sіlgosprobіt і poslug.

  • The form of the direct and indirect vitrates by culture in different regions.
  • Details analysis of actual vitrates in different fields, cultures, different types of robots, and I grow from the skin field.
  • Centralization of the region on the scale of geographical distribution.
  • The area of motor vehicles, mechanized and non-mechanized, as well as repair robots, will be able to get in touch with those who are in need of privilege, and also for third-party deputies.
  • The area is actually a victorious material and technical resource.
  • Operational region of robots and products on current.
  • Mozhlivie vikoristannya vagovogo termіnalu.
  • Execution of supra_drukovyh dokumentov_ documents for high-powered people, transport shunting.
  • Oblіk talonіv kombaynerіv і bunkeristіv.

Freeze-outs with payovikami.

  • Automations of the regional government and leasing of land dilyans (units) and agreements about units.
  • The ability to pay the rent in installments by fixed amount is as a percentage of the remaining interest, as well as for the May period.
  • Accessible rent payment form for payoviks: penniless cats, grain, servants and small penniless tricks.
  • Automated donation in the rent of pay rent, to establish a payovik.
  • Automatically reserve the call "Vidomosti about the revelation of land plots" as an addition to the Declaration of the payer of the fourth payroll of the fourth group and the regulated call "form No. 1DF".


Для кого.png

Agrocompany, scho deal with rosslinitsvtom

Relocation for vlasnikіv:

  • Operational region with detailed analysics for different fields, crops, technology, brands of technology.
  • Promptly deny the information behind the actual vitrates.
  • Registration and analysis of victorian technical resources with detailed analytics.
  • Optimization of the structure of the land area with the land analysis of land plots and the culture-successor.

Agropromislovo virobnitstvo

Configuratsiya BAS AGRO. ERP is set for the great holdings, which is important for the planning of the virobnizto products and the virology of biologic assets.

Relocation for vlasnikіv:

  • The system is designated for pre-string plan and pre-prepared cycle of virological assets.
  • The form and analysis of the budget.
  • Plan-fact analysis of vitrates on the skin field and the types of work.

Grain trader

BAS AGRO. ERP - an ideal solution for great agricultural holdings, grain traders.

Relocation for vlasnikіv:

  • Zruchne planuvannya sales, necessary documents: KP, offer lean.
  • Viddsіdkovuvannya usіkh zamovlen, ikh of rukh on etapam to the deputy.
  • Control over freezing with counterparties, partners, clients.
  • Control of the transfer of agrosirovine to processing and production of products.

A detailed description of the program BAS AGRO. ERP

Planuvannya sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitstva

Planning of the Silkospodarsky virobnitstva - an industrial stage in front of formulated budget, a certain amount of potential for future projections. All that is permitted is to formulate a robot, a material, a vitrat, to make friends, to learn more about this product.

The main functions of the system:

  • form of technological cards of polyv and the structure of the area;
  • payment plan for paid benefits in the future;
  • consume in material and technical and financial resources;
  • formulating the structure of vitrates by crops and fields;
  • Formulation of piddlesum documents of the secondary plan: balance of production of Roslinnitsva, the need for PMM has been established, it is thin.

Formulating budget plans for roslinnitsva plans

The main results of the Silk-Kospodarsky Plan for the additional special processing “Form budget” are translated from the document “Primary Budget”.

To formulate the budget to be funded on the basis of information in the base of these incomes and vitrats.

The main functions of the system:

  • adjustments see the budget and expanded analytics;
  • model of scenarios;
  • tabular form introduction and corriguany;
  • economical forecast.

Form of technological cards

Technological map of the field - a document, in which the technology of virobnost, robbery, take care of virobnost and robotic strength, is necessary for the need for a good weekend, as well as the selection of material vitrums for cultural production, is planned.

The main functions of the system:

  • Planning the main robots in the field;
  • the value of the planned number of material resources for the cultures necessary for the production of products;
  • Priv'yazka vidіv robot to singing technology and possession of the field and current.

Viznachennya demand roslinnitstva at sіlskogospodarodskih materials

On the first date, we plan to sell products and form technological cards, program to form resource specific specifications and replace them with viro products, as a reference for formulating customer requirements for materials.

The main functions of the system:

  • Consumption of resources for viro culture of culture is automatic;
  • use the automatic rozrahunok in materials and robots, wherever the area of the field and the norms established for the culture of viroshuvannya.

Operational region of the Sіlskogospodarskikh robіt

Operational region to the fact with details and analysis of crops, cultures, people, brands of technology, including to the skin single tractor, combine harvester, automobile for personnel: agronomist, tractor operator and other.

The main functions of the system:

  • Analytics of actual vitrates. The system allows you to neutralize the vitrates on the dermal field, according to the structure of the decks on the dermal field, the information on the simple technology of the winter, the structure of the vitra on the service.
  • A plan-factual cost analysis for rose water, crops, winter species, I grow from the skin field.
  • Centralization of the region on the scale of geographical distribution. It’s possible directly from the system to show the georoztashuvannya of a specific field.

Imagery of operational tribute to the regulated region

Documents of the operational circuit reestablish government operations in the operational region and give me a new certificate for the automatic generation of documents in the regulated region.

The main functions of the system:

  • nalashtuvannya rules v_obrazhennya gospodarsky operations for group financial region;
  • automatically form the image in the regulated region.

Management and analysis of transport robots

Documents of the operating system “Operational Region Security” are designated for the area of motor vehicles and mechanized transportation, which will help you to understand the needs of the authorities, as well as third-party deputies.

The main functions of the system:

  • rozrahunok zarobitno pay water and tractor;
  • the region of normative and actual sandstone vitrates;
  • the region of transport and repair robots;
  • The region is actually a victorious of material and technical resources.

Analysis of the plans for robots and materials

On the first presentation of the given subsystem of the city-wide plan and the image of the operational contour of the actual vitrates for the production of products, you can expect the possibility of analyzing the completed plans.

Basic functionalities:

  • analysis of the planned and actual Sílskogospodarskie Vitrats for children and for the sum represented;
  • analysis of vitrate payroll;
  • vidobrazhennya vidkhilennya fact vid scheduled indicators that percentage vidkhilennya.

Operational region of current and current products

The power of the operational region has been transferred, with the current and current materials, which are secured by documentary documents.

Basic functionalities:

  • restoration to the fact of zvazhuvannya;
  • Victory vagovogo termіnalu;
  • fiksuvannya obigu taloniv combine and bunker;
  • execution of suprovidnyh drukovanih documents for the vlasny chi recaptured vehicles, what to transport vantazhі;
  • changing grain from current to current and all-current to current for drying grain drying.

Obl_k land dіlyanok that rozrahunki z payovikami

Functions of the “Payoviki” allow you to automate the area of land plots (apartments and rentals) and rent payments for land shares on purchase.

Basic functionalities:

  • payment of shares for share in fixed amount; any amount of total amount of land for the period, PFDD, federal zbir;
  • on the basis of rent, payment for Maybut period, so that you can pay in advance (pay in advance);
  • Zdіsnyuvati pay the rent, pay with grain, by the servants of the mysterious naughty tricks;
  • automatically donaruvannya in kіntsі roku leverage the rent payovik. Dana moglivost is especially important, often, frequent, advance payments were paid, but in kind payment;
  • automatically remember the call “Viddom about the reckoning of land dilyans” as an additional payment to the Declaration payer of the fourth payroll of the fourth group and the regulated call “Form No. 1DF”.

Analysis of the structure of vitrates for virochuvannya cultures in different regions

Applied solution for analyzing information about plans and factual vitriety, accumulated on viral education of the state thanks to cultural diversity, and that kind of work. Oblit vitrat i rozrahunok sobvartostі produktsії to come to terms on the basis of these operational region.

Basic functionalities:

  • rozdіlny oblіk vitrat behind viroshuvani cultures and fields;
  • vіdokremleniya oblіk sobіvartostі for cultures;
  • rozpodil vitrat beyond the fields and crops;
  • Nadannya Danih about the structure of self-promotion to the first vitrates.

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