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Product ID: k2soft-150
Bank data converter Bank data converter

Bank data converter

  • Операционная система
    Windows XP, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7
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    Банк, Бухгалтерия
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Product description

Bank data converter - a product that allows you to automate the exchange of information about hryvnia payment orders and bank statements between 1C: Payprizmstvo 8 and Client-Bank systems. This specialized solution is intended to be used with standard solutions “1C: Enterprise 8”: “Accountancy for Ukraine, editions 1.2 and 2.0”, “Management of trade for Ukraine, editions 2.3 and 3.1”, “Management of viral distribution for Ukraine, editors 1.3” , "Management of trade for Ukraine, edition 1.2"


Use of this software product is subject toLicense agreement

Downloading information about payments from the files of the Client-Bank system unloading into the documents "1C: Payprichestvo 8".

Automatic search of counterparties by codes EDRPOU /DRFO or name.

Automatic creation of new counterparties with filling in all available parameters (current account, EDRPOU /DRFO code, form of ownership and others).

Search for transactions, contracts by the number specified in the content of the payment.

Unloading payment orders from the information base "1C: Payment 8" to a file that can be imported by the Client-Bank system.

Flexible configuration of various product parameters.

The product does not need to be embedded in standard solutions, as a result of which the updating of the configurations "Management of the virtual business for Ukraine" and "Management of the trade for Ukraine" is not complicated.

The product allows you to quickly and with minimal effort to create processing for new formats of systems "Client-Bank".

  • Saving time when accounting for actually made payments, since they are automatically downloaded from the Client-Bank system to the 1C: Pidprimstvo system, and information about the counterparty is picked up. If the purpose of the payment indicates the exact name of the account or agreement by which settlements are made, then the document by which these settlements must be closed is also picked up;
  • Possibility to use the already accumulated customer base “1C: Pridpromstvo” and upload data from it to the “Client-Bank” system, for processing outgoing payments. For example, if in “1C: Pidprimstvo” there is a specific client with TIN, EDRPOU data, then a payment to the client with information about his TIN, EDRPOU, MFI, etc. will be uploaded to the Client-Bank system. The function ensures that there are no errors related to the human factor. ;

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