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K2 Vdoc workflow Application (Presale unlimited version) The VDoc software product is intended for collective work with documents in different formats with saving the history of changes, centralized data storage with the ability to conveniently back up information and posting it to different drives and servers.

The VDoc software product is intended for collective work with documents in different formats with saving the history of changes, centralized data storage with the ability to conveniently back up information and posting it to different drives and servers.

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Product description

The VDoc software product is intended for collective work with documents in different formats with saving the history of changes, centralized data storage with the ability to conveniently back up information and posting it to different drives and servers.

Differences fromVDoc Web:

  • Stability of work. Applications, unlike web applications, are resistant to network crashes. The application will not “fall off” and will not “freeze”, unlike web applications, processes in which may not end when an error occurs while executing scripts.
  • No restrictions. Browsers impose restrictions on the execution of web applications: you can write files only within the browser directory (which is not convenient for users), files must be downloaded in turn (one file at a time), when downloading files back to the VDoc system, the user needs to select a file, you can’t run automatically applications for working with the file; there are restrictions on the size of the transmitted information and many others. All these limitations do not create the usability of a VDoc web application. VDoc application has no limitations! With the application, the user does not waste time on routine operations - the program does everything automatically!
  • High speed. VDoc is compiled into machine code for each specific operating system. To run VDoc applications, no interpreter programs like Python, Java machines, Framework Windows, etc. are needed. VDoc runs itself without additional “crutches”!
  • Ease of program transfer. Just copy the file from one device with the appropriate operating system to another device.
  • Minimize to tray, usability. Vdoc can be minimized to tray (icons near the clock), without taking away any place on the screen. The application design can be customized and adapted to the screen size, using all the allocated space for the application. Working not in a web browser allows you to not mix the application with web surfing.
  • Multi-link architecture. VDoc uses a multi-tier application architecture: Client application - Application server - Database server. This is the most stable and secure architecture for Internet applications.
  • Multi-threading. Thanks to the exchange of information in many streams, your files will be transferred as fast as possible via the Internet.
  • Cross platform.The server part works in Windows, Linux, MacOS. There are also 2 variations in each operating system: graphically, as a command for a text string. The client part has 2 presentation options: Desktop option: for Windows, Linux, MacOS. Option for mobile applications: Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS. Also, there are distribution options depending on the capacity of the processors: 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Native app. VDoc application is distributed in compiled form for the corresponding variety of operating systems. For its work, you do not need third-party interpreters and frameworks.
  • Mobile applications. There is a client side option for Android and IOS.
  • Full information about connected users. Unlike a web application, the VDoc application has complete control over user connections. The system administrator sees all users who are currently connected (regardless of the type of client applications) and can manage these connections (disconnect, block).
  • Binary data exchange. VDoc application communicates with the application server in binary form. This data exchange is faster than regular JSon and more protected from hacking.
  • Support TCP, HTTP, HTTPS. The application server and the client application itself can work on various protocols, be it TCP, HTTP, HTTPS. This allows the administrator to choose the data exchange that he likes best.
  • Import Export. By pressing ctrl + C /ctrl + V you can export and import information from a table with files. Thus, if you need to send a list of files somewhere, you can implement this task in a few seconds.
  • Performing lengthy processes. Unlike a web application, the application has no problems running lengthy processes. Thanks to this, users can synchronize their directories, receive directories, send directories, send and receive huge amounts of data, check the reconciliation of files with a central repository.
  • Directory synchronization with a central repository. The application allows you to synchronize local directories with a central repository. This is a time-consuming operation, but it will be done as quickly as possible.
  • Download the entire directory to a local drive. Due to the restrictions imposed by the browser and the time frame, the VDoc web application had a problem loading the local directory. The VDoc application will download multi-stream information from the entire directory to the local drive.
  • Uploading the directory to the server. VDoc application as quickly as possible in many threads will send your information to the server.
  • Verification of file versions with central repository. Now, in the VDoc application, you can compare files with a central repository.
  • Create files from templates.Directly from the client application, you can create files by selecting them from the templates prepared by you. The file will be created and automatically open in the editor you need.
  • Other features. The capabilities of VDoc applications are constantly growing and are not limited to the listed list. Thanks to updates that will be available for free within a year after purchasing the product, you can stay in the trend of the development of the system.

Program featuress:

  1. Support for different languages. You can enter information into the database in different languages, as well as select the location you need. If the localization you need is not there and you really need it, the developer will implement the necessary translation for free.
  2. Dynamically loaded tree. No matter how branched the tree is, no matter how many elements it stores, Vdoc will show you information on the branches in the tree at maximum speed.
  3. Large amount of data. What is terabyte for VDoc? This is the usual data size. In VDoc, dozens, if not hundreds of terabytes of information can be stored without problems, if only there was a place on the servers))). When storing large amounts of information, VDoc still continues to work quickly.
  4. Restricting access rights to nodes.An extensive system of restriction of access rights allows you to restrict access to branches for users.
  5. Viruses and other malicious programs cannot destroy your data, because will not be able to access them ...
  6. Users cannot destroy delete or damage data, because in the VDoc system, information is not physically deleted, and files are simply marked for deletion, but they are always stored in the system. And besides, all changes made by users are logged and saved.
  7. VDoc is designed for teamwork. If the user takes the file to work, other participants in the process are notified about this (they see the user who took the file to work, as well as the date and time the work started).

Product Telegram Channel:https://t.me/vdocapp

A trial version of the software product can be downloaded from the Internet page:https://corp2.net/index.php/category/download/

Video clips about using the program:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOPUxc1TaO0&list=PLRyc83tAN5QPryj6BwdlP0iaxRr51txaa

History of changes in K2 systems:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eLcmFqMta00qhNUNTMRIQEB9xKURbQlmM_glscE7qB8/edit?usp=sharing

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